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SamSoyombo.com is your one-stop shop for all things career development! We offer many free resources, personalised coaching programs, and a supportive online community to guide you toward professional fulfilment.


Navigating the ever-changing career landscape can be daunting, whether you're a recent graduate, a seasoned professional, or anywhere in between. At SamSoyombo.com, we understand the challenges you face. That's why we've assembled a dedicated team of experts to empower individuals in Africa and the Caribbean to achieve their career aspirations.

Our Team, Your Success

Our team comprises passionate individuals with diverse skill sets who work collaboratively to support your growth. Here's a glimpse into the roles that make SamSoyombo.com thrive:

  • Initiator, Careers Coach & Content Developer (SAS):  This multifaceted role combines coaching expertise with content creation skills, providing informative resources and personalised guidance.
  • User Acquisition and Engagement Partner (JOO): JOO focuses on attracting new users and fostering a vibrant online community through strategic marketing and engagement initiatives. They also maintain the website's technical health.
  • Freelance Client Acquisition & Success Specialist (JBO): JBO spearheads client acquisition, securing partnerships with organisations seeking to empower employees. They also manage client relationships and ensure program success.
  • MaxME Catalyst Coach Volunteers: These dedicated volunteers provide personalised coaching and support to users enrolled in the MaxME program, helping them unlock their potential and achieve career goals.
  • Freelance Online Engagement Facilitators: This team fosters a dynamic online community by sparking discussions, responding to comments, and building a welcoming user environment.


SamSoyombo.com is more than just a website; it's a supportive network dedicated to your professional development. With our expert guidance, valuable resources, and engaged community, you have everything you need to take charge of your career journey and achieve lasting success.

Ready to embark on your exciting career adventure? Explore SamSoyombo.com today!

Service: SamSoyombo.com is a website that offers free career information, advice, and guidance. It also provides high-quality career development resources and coaching programs.

Role Definition:

This role combines a careers coach's expertise with a content developer's skills. You will be responsible for creating engaging and informative content for the website while providing personalised coaching and guidance to users seeking career advancement.

Content Development:

  • Develop high-quality career development content for SamSoyombo.com. Include:
    - Blog posts: Create informative and engaging blog posts on various career development topics tailored to the website's target audience.
    - Articles: Write in-depth articles providing comprehensive advice and guidance on career paths, job search strategies, and career management skills.
    - Webinars, videos, or infographics: Develop creative content formats to present career development information engagingly.
  • Maintain a consistent brand voice and ensure the content aligns with SamSoyombo.com's mission.
  • Stay current on career trends and best practices to ensure content is relevant and valuable to users.
  • Optimise content for search engines (SEO) to improve website visibility.

Career Coaching:

  • Provide personalised career coaching and guidance to SamSoyombo.com users. Involve:
    - Offering consultations via email, video calls, or online chat.
    - Helping users assess their skills, interests, and career goals.
    - Developing personalised career development plans.
    - Guiding resume writing, cover letter writing, and interview skills.
    - Offering support and motivation throughout the career development journey.
  • Maintain high ethical standards and confidentiality in all coaching interactions.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Stay informed about the latest career development resources and tools.
  • Collaborate with other team members, such as the User Acquisition and Engagement Specialist, to ensure a cohesive user experience.
  • Track the performance of your content and coaching services to identify areas for improvement.


Service: The SamSoyombo.com website is a free resource with career information, advice, and guidance.

Role Definition:

  • User Acquisition: Develop and execute strategies to attract new users to the SamSoyombo.com website. These strategies may include search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, and online advertising.
  • Analyse website traffic and user behaviour to identify areas for improvement.
  • User Engagement: Create high-quality, engaging content relevant to SamSoyombo.com's target audience. Include blog posts, articles, infographics, videos, and webinars.
  • Develop and implement email marketing and social media engagement strategies to keep users returning to the website.
  • Build a community around SamSoyombo.com by facilitating user interaction and fostering a sense of belonging.
  • Website System Administration and Update Maintenance: Maintain the health and functionality of the SamSoyombo.com website. Include tasks like:
    - Managing user accounts and permissions.
    - Keep plugins and Software updated to ensure security and compatibility.
    - Monitor website performance and troubleshoot any technical issues.
    - Backing up website data regularly.
    - Working with developers to implement new features or website updates (may require collaboration).


By working together, JBO and JOO can help SamSoyombo.com achieve its goal of empowering individuals in Africa and the Caribbean to achieve career success. However, it's essential to consider the website's complexity and JOO's skillset.

  • JOO can handle most of the system administration tasks for more straightforward websites.
  • JOO may need to collaborate with a web developer on more complex websites that require significant updates or technical challenges.

Additional Notes:

  • JOO's website administration responsibilities may be shared with another team member, such as an IT professional. 
  • JOO should stay up-to-date on website security best practices to protect the website from cyberattacks.


Services: Our career development resources and coaching programs target individuals and organisations in Africa and the Caribbean, focusing on those in developing countries.

Role Definition:

  • Client Acquisition: Identify and target organisations in Africa and the Caribbean that could benefit from SamSoyombo.com's services for their employees.
  • Develop and execute outreach strategies to connect with potential clients.
  • Present and negotiate customised packages of career resources and coaching programs tailored to client needs.
  • Secure new client contracts.
  • Client Success: Onboard new clients and ensure a smooth implementation of chosen programs.
  • Manage client relationships, fostering trust and satisfaction.
  • Track client progress and program effectiveness, providing regular reporting.
  • Identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities for additional services.

What's in it for the organisation:

  • Increased employee engagement and retention: By investing in career development resources, organisations can show their employees they care about their growth and well-being, leading to higher engagement and reduced turnover.
  • Improved workforce skills and productivity: SamSoyombo.com's programs can help employees develop the skills and knowledge they need to be more effective in their roles, leading to increased productivity and overall business success.
  • Enhanced employer brand: By partnering with SamSoyombo.com, organisations can demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility and empowering individuals in developing countries.

Finding a Sponsor:

JB can also leverage its client acquisition skills to find an organisation willing to sponsor SamSoyombo.com's programs. It could be a corporation, foundation, or NGO that aligns with SamSoyombo.com's mission of empowering individuals in Africa and the Caribbean. In return for their sponsorship, the organisation would receive brand recognition and positive publicity associated with supporting a worthy cause.


Service: Personalised coaching and guidance through the MaxME program offered on SamSoyombo.com, a website with free career information, advice, and guidance. 

This program provides users with a structured approach to self-discovery, career exploration, and goal achievement.

Role Definition:

As a MaxME Catalyst Coach, you will guide and mentor users enrolled in the MaxME program on SamSoyombo.com. You will use your coaching expertise to help them navigate the program, unlock their potential, and achieve their career aspirations.

Coaching Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate user progress through the MaxME program modules. Involve:
    - Conducting online coaching sessions (via video calls, chat, or email) to guide users through program exercises and activities.
    - Providing personalised feedback and support to help users gain insights and overcome challenges.
    - Holding users accountable for their progress and keeping them motivated throughout the program.
  • Empower users through self-discovery techniques. Coaching conversations and program exercises help them identify their strengths, values, and career goals.
  • Develop personalised action plans. Work with users to create concrete steps they can take to achieve their career objectives.
  • Guide career exploration and decision-making. Help users research different career paths, identify opportunities, and make informed choices about their future.
  • Offer support and encouragement. Be a positive influence and cheerleader for users as they embark on their career journeys.
  • Maintain high ethical standards and confidentiality in all coaching interactions.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Stay up-to-date on the latest MaxME program curriculum and resources.
  • Collaborate with other team members, such as the Careers Coach and Content Developer, to ensure a comprehensive user experience for MaxME program participants.
  • Track user progress and program outcomes to identify areas for improvement.


Service: Fostering a vibrant online community on SamSoyombo.com, a website with free career information, advice, and guidance.

Role Definition:

  • Content Engagement Specialist:
    - Read and engage with a minimum of 4 blog posts per day on SamSoyombo.com.
    - Write thoughtful comments that spark discussion and provide additional insights into the blog topics.
    - Respond to comments left by other readers in a helpful and informative way.
    - Follow SamSoyombo.com's commenting guidelines to foster a positive and engaging online community. These guidelines may include promoting respectful discussions and avoiding negativity.
    - Participate in a dedicated online group for communication and updates to stay informed and connected with other facilitators.
  • Community Builder:
    - Engaging with website users in discussions and fostering a welcoming environment can help create a sense of belonging and connection.

Revenue Sharing:

  • As a Freelance Online Engagement Facilitator, you can earn income through a performance-based system. You will receive N750 per hour of engagement.
  • In addition to your base pay, you can earn a share of any sponsorships or successful marketing leads your source. You will receive 20% of the profit shared for these contributions, while JB, the Client Acquisition & Success Specialist who finalises the deal, will receive 10%.

The profit-sharing scheme breakdown:

  • D2O: 10% of profits will be directly allocated to D2O.
  • Founding Team: 10% of profits will be distributed equally to the founding and active freelancers, volunteers, and personnel who started on or before December 31 2024. A separate annual internal agreement determines the entitlement based on the target set for each team member.
  • JOO (Partner): 10% of profits will be given to JOO as a partner.
  • Website Development & Investments: 30% of profits will be allocated towards website development and investments. Include website maintenance, upgrades, new features, or potential investments in other tools or resources that benefit the website.
  • SAS: 40% of profits will be allocated to SAS for its combined role as careers coach and content developer.

This profit-sharing scheme allocates funds towards various areas crucial for the company's growth and social responsibility.


  • Empowering the Next Generation - focuses on the intro to Spark Zone and E-SHANARRITY (A free webinar for school staff and parents)
  • Winning the War: Career vs Purpose - focuses on introducing Personal and Career Development techniques (a free webinar for Organisation, Group, Club or a Professional Body)
  • Spark Zone Induction for tweens and teens.
  • Career Coaching Techniques for Educators (up to 8 trainees) includes Job Family, Parenting, Quizzes, MAGIC, FOCUS & GROW - A 3-day event. 
  • Setting up a Catalyst project for Schools.
  • Subject & Career Education—focusing on Subjects in Careers and Career Education (3 hrs Workshop)—for all school staff.
  • Spark Zone Interactive Webinar for Students and Parents - (we give 10% of what we make to the School).
  • Parenting Seminar - (6 comprehensive sessions on E-SHANARITY)
  • Career Development Coaching for Professionals (Group Coaching) - focuses on FOCUS Career Information Model Career Development Coaching, MAGIC for Personal Effectiveness Coaching, & Skills for Evolving Coaching.


Do you thrive on building relationships and making a difference? Are you passionate about career development and empowering African and Caribbean individuals? If so, SamSoyombo.com has exciting opportunities for you to leverage your skills and be generously rewarded for your success!

We're seeking a dynamic duo to join our Client Acquisition Team: a Lead Generator (LG) and a Freelance Client Acquisition and success Specialist (FCA). It is your chance to earn significant income while helping organisations unlock the full potential of their workforce.

Remuneration Package:

Lead Generator (LG):

  • 20% Introduction Fee: Earn a significant 20% commission on all the revenue generated from any lead you bring to SamSoyombo.com that converts into a paying client within the first 12 months.
  • 10% Residual Bonus: Even after the first year, your efforts continue to be rewarded! You'll receive a 10% residual bonus on all subsequent transactions with clients you introduced.

Freelance Client Acquisition & Success Specialist (FCA):

  • Supporting the Lead Generation Process (10%): You'll play a vital role in converting leads into clients. You'll earn a 10% commission on all transactions in the first year for your efforts in following up with leads identified by the LG.
  • Self-Generated Leads (20% + 10%): Bring your clients to the table and be handsomely rewarded! You'll earn a substantial 20% commission on the revenue generated from any client you directly secure, plus your ongoing 10% bonus for successfully engaging the client.
  • FCA Success Bonus (20%): Your dedication to client success doesn't go unnoticed! After the first year of active engagement with any client you are engaging in, you'll receive an additional 20% FCA Success Bonus on any subsequent transactions – a potential 30% commission if they were your self-generated client!


Join a Team Making a Difference:

By joining SamSoyombo.com, you'll be part of a team dedicated to empowering individuals in Africa and the Caribbean through career development resources and coaching programs. You'll be helping organisations invest in their employees, leading to increased engagement, improved skills, and overall business success.

Founding Team Profit Sharing:

As a token of our appreciation for the dedication of our founding team, we share 10% of profits equally among active founding team members, including freelancers, volunteers, and personnel who joined us before December 31, 2024. Ensuring everyone benefits from the company's success.

Ready to Take Your Career to the Next Level?

If you're a results-oriented individual passionate about building relationships and making a positive impact, we encourage you to apply! Join SamSoyombo.com's Client Acquisition Team and unlock your full earning potential while making a real difference in the lives of others.

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