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Disclaimer: Important Information for Scotland Residents

This website is a non-profit initiative offering career guidance and resources to individuals in Africa and other developing countries, excluding Scotland. Our mission is to empower individuals with limited or unavailable government-sponsored career services.

Critical Points for Scotland Residents:

Services: While most of our services are free, we offer personalised career coaching sessions for a nominal fee. These sessions are conducted outside regular business hours to cater to our international audience.

Revenue: All proceeds from paid services support our volunteer team and website maintenance.

Government Affiliation: We are not affiliated with any government entity. Information provided is for general guidance only and should not be seen as official advice.

Alternatives for Scotland: Residents of Scotland have access to comprehensive free career services through the Scottish Government’s MyWorldofWork.co.uk platform. We encourage you to utilise this valuable resource.

If you reside outside Scotland, we welcome you to explore our website and utilise our resources. Please note that paid services are currently unavailable to residents of Scotland.

Thank you for being so understanding.

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