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Last Updated: 6th March 2024.

About Me

I’m Sam Soyombo, a passionate and experienced careers coach with over 15 years of experience guiding individuals towards fulfilling career paths. Throughout my coaching career, I’ve worked with Skills Development Scotland and The University of Edinburgh, where I’ve empowered countless individuals to achieve their professional goals.

My Approach

My coaching philosophy is built on fostering a supportive environment that encourages self-awareness and empowers individuals to take ownership of their career development. I utilise a blend of:

  • In-depth coaching conversations: I actively listen to understand your unique aspirations and challenges, providing personalised guidance and support.
  • Transformative coaching models: I leverage my signature MAGIC Coaching Model and DIY FOCUS Coaching Model to equip you with the tools and frameworks necessary for self-discovery and goal achievement.
  • Grounded in various career development theories: Trait & Factor, Holland, Super’s Life-Span: Understand strengths, personality types, and self-concept to guide career choices. Social Cognitive, Gottfredson, Krumboltz: Recognise the influence of social learning, experiences, and self-beliefs on career development. Chaos Theory: Embrace the unpredictable nature of careers and empower proactive career management.

Collaboration and innovation: I believe in working alongside clients and partners to develop effective strategies that bridge the gap between education and the workplace.

My Impact

  • Successfully guided over 5,000 young people towards positive and sustainable careers.
  • Transformed a school’s leaver destination ranking within a year, showcasing the tangible results of my coaching and guidance.
  • Advocated for integrating Career Management Skills (CMS) and Labour Market Information (LMI) standards into education, ensuring students have access to comprehensive career development opportunities.
  • Developed the FOCUS Career Information model, the MAGIC Career Coaching Framework, and the E-SHANARRITY Parenting Coaching Model.

My Skills and Experience

  • Skills Development Scotland (Current): I lead an academy-dedicated team, ensuring targeted career services reach individuals across all education levels and partner venues. I foster strategic partnerships to bridge the gap between education and the workplace, promote Career Education Standards, and equip learners with essential Career Management Skills (CMS).
  • The University of Edinburgh (Previous): I served as an International Student Recruitment Representative, enhancing the University’s reputation in Nigeria and attracting highly qualified students. My experience spans across public relations, marketing, event planning, and media relations.
  • Extensive Background: My diverse career journey includes roles as a Project Worker, Information Systems Librarian, and Community & Systems Development Librarian. These experiences honed my project management, leadership, communication, user engagement, and community development skills.
  • Extensive Coaching Expertise: With a successful track record, I’ve empowered individuals and groups through coaching and workshops in parenting, career education, and personal development. I help clients discover their strengths, craft career roadmaps, and conquer challenges to achieve their goals.
  • Strategic partnerships: Adept at building and fostering relationships with educators, employers, and community organisations to create impactful career development programs.
  • Project management: Skilled in planning, implementing, and evaluating career development initiatives, ensuring they meet client needs and achieve desired outcomes.
  • Communication and facilitation: Strong ability to connect with diverse audiences, deliver engaging workshops, and lead group discussions.
  • Digital expertise: I utilise technology to reach a wider audience and deliver impactful career resources through various online platforms.

My expertise and passion for empowering individuals can make a significant difference in your career journey.

Connect with Me

Additional Information

My website showcases my projects, including:

  • The Spark Zone: Provides career guidance and mentorship to children and teenagers.
  • MaxME Catalyst: Supports young adults in maximising their employability potential.
  • Educators: Equips educators with tools to integrate career development into their curriculum.
  • Parenting: Empower parents to guide their children as they navigate career choices.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to find a fulfilling career path. Let’s work together to make that happen!

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