From Dependent Visa to Dream Job: Inspiring Stories and Practical Tips

1. Can I work in the UK on a dependent visa?

2. How can I secure a job on a dependent visa?

3. Are Apprenticeships accessible to dependent visa holders?

4. How can employers verify eligibility for dependent visa holders?

5. What support is available for individuals facing immigration challenges?

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Imagine stepping off the plane in the UK, buzzing with anticipation for new experiences. But a nagging question lingers: Can I actually work here? For many young people holding dependent visas, uncertainty about employment opportunities can dampen this initial excitement. Fear not! This blog aims to demystify the process, offering real-life stories and practical tips for fulfilling your career aspirations in the UK.

Can I work in the UK on a dependent visa?

Yes, recent regulation changes have expanded employment opportunities for dependent visa holders.

Shifting Sands: Eligibility Evolves

Gone are the days when dependent visas meant limited work options. Recent changes, particularly those implemented in January 2024, have opened doors for many. However, remember that the onus of verifying eligibility falls squarely on the employer. This means both parties must understand the evolving regulations, so staying informed is crucial.

Beyond the Doubt: Apprenticeships and Success

The blog mentioned the ambiguity surrounding Apprenticeships due to their “employed status.” While the definitive answer is still under development, success stories like Maria’s prove they can be viable. On a dependent visa, Maria secured an Apprenticeship in graphic design. After careful research and legal consultations, her employer confirmed her eligibility and valued her skills. Today, Maria thrives in her career, demonstrating that Apprenticeships, with the right approach, can pave the way to success.

How can I secure a job on a dependent visa?

Obtain a Share Code, explore career options, network, and seek support from relevant organisations.

Beyond Eligibility: Building Trust and Understanding

Even when eligible, employers may have concerns about the “limited time to remain” clause. David, on a student visa with work rights, faced similar hesitations. He proactively addressed these concerns, highlighting his long-term commitment to the UK and his desire to build a career. By showcasing his talent and dedication, David secured a coveted role in marketing, proving that clear communication and transparency can bridge the gap.

Beyond Limitations: Exceptions and Support

Remember, the regulations don’t apply to everyone. Aisha, a young asylum seeker, found support from the Refugee Council. They helped her navigate the complex legal landscape, access training opportunities, and ultimately secure a rewarding job in healthcare. This story highlights the importance of seeking support from organisations specialising in assisting refugees and displaced persons.

Are Apprenticeships accessible to dependent visa holders?

While there may be ambiguity, success stories like Maria’s demonstrate that Apprenticeships can be a viable option with the right approach.

Unlocking Your Path: Actionable Steps

Young People:

  • Obtain a Share Code: Simplify verification for employers like Sarah, who used hers to land a part-time cafe job. It showcases initiative and makes you a more attractive candidate.
  • Explore Your Options: Utilise resources like the UK government’s visa checker and career guidance websites. On a dependent visa, Liam discovered his passion for coding through exploration. He enrolled in online courses and secured freelance work, demonstrating the power of proactive exploration.
  • Network and Connect: Organisations like NCAB and the Refugee Council offer invaluable support. Through their guidance, Jasmine connected with a mentorship program that helped her develop skills and land a coveted internship in finance.

How can employers verify eligibility for dependent visa holders?

Employers can utilise the Share Code system and stay informed about evolving regulations to ensure compliance.


  • Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date with regulations and resources like the House of Commons Library briefings.
  • Utilise the Share Code System: Encourage potential employees to obtain a Share Code, like Emma’s employer, who used it for seamless verification. It demonstrates your commitment to responsible recruitment.
  • Seek Expert Guidance: Consulting with immigration lawyers or HR professionals can ensure compliance and provide valuable insights.

What support is available for individuals facing immigration challenges?

Organisations like the Refugee Council assist in navigating legal landscapes, accessing training opportunities, and securing employment.

Conclusion: Inspiration and Empowerment

Maria, David, Aisha, Sarah, Liam, and Jasmine are a few examples of young people on dependent visas carving their paths in the UK workforce. Their stories offer inspiration and practical tips for others navigating similar challenges. Remember, knowledge is power. Stay informed, seek support, and take proactive steps to unlock your full potential. Together, we can build a more inclusive and vibrant UK workforce.

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