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Do you love to learn about how people lived in the past and what it would have been like to live then? Or you might be curious about the reasons why the world is the way it is today or have a wish to bring the past to life. Alternatively, you might love the idea of looking after precious old objects or manuscripts or being surrounded by valuable works of art. If so, then working in information, culture, and heritage is the ideal career area for you! 

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What areas can I work in?

The main areas for this career area are libraries and information science, archives, libraries and genealogy, culture and heritage, archaeology, heritage work and museums and galleries. 

The biggest employers are local authorities and national conservation trusts, but there are many areas within these services that you can work in; these can include education, leisure, marketing, planning, exhibition organisation and tourism.

What kind of companies can I work for?

There is a wide range of organisations you can work for, including:

  • local authorities
  • museums and art galleries
  • conservation and heritage trusts
  • private historic houses
  • libraries and special collections
  • voluntary and charity trusts
  • schools, colleges and universities.

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