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Do you enjoy working with your hands, and finding out how things work? Have you got a strong interest in motor vehicles, from cars and motorcycles to buses and trucks? If so, this career area might be the one for you.  

The digitisation of automotive manufacturing has meant increased productivity and a shorter time to market. Vehicles of all types are becoming more complex, with more onboard computers and internet access. So, diagnosing faults in vehicle computer networks and repairing electronic faults has become more important.

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What areas can I work in?

This career area includes jobs in:

  • vehicle inspection, service and repair
  • diagnostics – diagnosing faults in engine management systems and vehicle computer networks
  • paint and body repair
  • tyre or exhaust fitting
  • roadside assistance and breakdown services
  • vehicle parts and distribution
  • vehicle sales – see the Buying, Selling and Related Work career area for more information
  • automotive glazing
  • related services, such as valeting.

To see the routes to getting into each of these sectors, take a look at our Career Pathway.

What kind of companies can I work for?

Possible employers include:

  • independent garages
  • commercial vehicle garages – buses and trucks
  • car and van rental companies
  • paint and body shops
  • car dealerships
  • roadside assistance companies
  • tyre or exhaust centres
  • insurance companies
  • MOT centres.

There are also relevant opportunities in the Armed Services, particularly in the Army, for repairing and maintaining military vehicles, from light armoured vehicles to tanks.

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