Direct2Orphans: Connecting Donors to Orphans for Lasting Impact and Empowerment

Do you desire to make a difference to an Orphan? Our sole mission is to connect donors directly to Orphans, getting each orphan’s well-being right. Your donations will enable a better life, restore their hope, and build their future. 

We act as the link between your donations and orphans. Ensuring each orphan under our radar is safe, healthy, active, nurtured, achieving, respected, responsible and included through our activities of vetting orphanages, validating each orphan’s well-being, creating additional virtual learning environments and reporting to the donors.

Direct to Orphans (D2O) is working to register a UK-based Charity organisation to ensure that donations and resources reach the doorsteps of orphans and the adults responsible for them in Africa.

Over the years, I have observed that there is a conflict between the resources (financial & material) raised through donations and the impact on the lives of the actual beneficiaries. Unfortunately, most often than not, many of these donations end up being diverted to dishonest officials.

Hence, D2O is established solely to bridge this widening gap. Our team is in close contact with two orphanages at the moment, with a direct link to these orphans needing your help. We can now vouch for the integrity of two Orphanage Homes in Nigeria, West Africa. We are working smart to bring other credible homes on board as we progress.

Aim of Direct2Orphans:

Direct2Orphans aims to work with volunteers and partners to ensure we get it right for every orphan under our radar. Our approach supports children and young people so they can grow up feeling loved, safe, and respected and realise their full potential. Every child and young person needs to experience safety, good health, academic success, nurturing, physical activity, respect, responsibility, and inclusivity within their home and community. These eight factors are known as the SHANARRI well-being indicators, which is the Scottish Government’s model for ensuring the well-being of Scottish children.

The well-being indicators will make it easier for us at D2O to advocate for orphans and the people working with them to discuss how a child or young person is doing at a point in time and if there is a need for support. Each orphan is unique, and there is no set level of well-being that children should achieve. Well-being is influenced by children’s experiences and changing needs as they grow.

A range of experiences can have adverse effects on young people. It might be recognisable Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) or other adversities such as bereavement or bullying, or where an illness, disability or poverty. Each child should be helped to reach their full potential as an individual.

We are working with Child, Health, Social Work and Education Practitioners to develop a series of well-being resources and learning activities that our Orphanages can use or adapt for workshops or conversations with children, young people, and orphanage staff. These will explain well-being and how it is used to support children and young people in more detail. Watch out for our future projects and plans.


Oluwakemi Orphanage

There are many orphanages and welfare homes in Nigeria. Most are privately owned and managed as Non-Governmental Organisations, while the rest are managed and funded by the Government. As someone who lives in the Diaspora, I have often faced one fundamental challenge: locating the right and genuine orphanage home where one can genuinely ascertain that donations, funds and resources are being utilised for those kids in dire need. I have always supported vulnerable children through Compassion UK in other parts of Africa and Asia but not in Nigeria.

On the 21st of October, 2021, Providence dawned on me, and I was opportune to have visited Oluwakemi Homes & Orphanage situated in a small village in Omi-Adio in the ancient city of Ibadan, Southwest Nigeria. Omi-Adio is a boundary town between Ogun State and Oyo State, Nigeria.

The orphanage was established in 1995, fully registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, and dedicatedly managed by Mrs Victoria Adeleke, a trained nurse. She is in her early 60s and has dedicated her life, time and resources to the welfare of these helpless kids, thereby restoring hopes and raising destinies.

Essential Needs

Funding is crucial to the survival of any orphanage. Therefore “essential needs” is the fulcrum of the Direct to Orphans project. We encourage financial donations that will positively affect the lives of these orphans.

It is a regular monthly donation of a minimum amount of £15 monthly to support the basic daily needs for survival, including feeding and recreational needs for the home. It is the donation that keeps the child growing.

We will appreciate and accept donations below £15 or more than £35. Please use the “OTHER AMOUNT” to state your preferred monthly contributions.

Educate a Child

You can pick a child from a picture and agree to empower a child with quality education and skills. You will get regular progress updates and have optional controlled access to the child. It will be a fixed amount of £30.

We will appreciate and accept donations based on how many children you want to empower.

Effectiveness Combo

It is a regular giving combining Essential needs and Educating a child. It will be a fixed amount of £40

Enabling Projects

Above is the video taken on the 19th of October 2021 at Oluwakemi Orphanage, situated in the ancient city of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. The home caters for 35 children. The number is still growing: age ranges from birth to 18 years.

The video shows that the project is one plot of land, adjourning another single plot of a dilapidated structure. The project has been meticulously prioritised in three major phases:

  1. Land purchase, documentation, and fencing- Four Million Naira (£5,520)
  2. Quantity survey, architectural design, foundation, construction, roofing, finishing (electrical, plumbing works, painting and tiling), Eight Million Naira. (£11,100) On completion of these two phases. Oluwakemi’s home will now be on par with the Kents Home, our second vetted home.
  3. Recreational facilities: Garden, ICT, Library, Dinning and Lounge etc. – Three Million Naira (£4,140) for the two homes

You can donate via any of the channels of your choice below:

Excess Recycling

It includes your excess or unwanted clothing, toys, books, instruments, and equipment donations. We could arrange collection and shipping, or you could fund the shipping.

The VOICE Project

Virtual Orphaned Innate Child Education

Meta-Skills development activities for orphans virtually

Watch out for this space!!!

Encourage your Networks

To impact humanity, the more resources, the more effective. Spread the good news to your friends and associates for them to be a part of something beautiful.

Encouraging your networks is about constantly sharing and discussing this work with your networks, reminding them that every little help counts. Kindly click any of the icons below to share with your network.

Here are other things we plan to do:

  1. Educate a Child: This is an opportunity for you to pick a child from a picture and agree to empower a child with quality education and skills. You will get regular progress updates and have optional control access to the child. It will be a fixed amount – £30.
  2. Effectiveness Combo: This is a regular giving combining Essential cash flow and Empowering a child – £40.
  3. Excess Recycling: This includes your surplus or unwanted clothing, toys, books, instruments, and equipment donations. We could arrange collection and shipping, or you could fund the shipping. 
  4. Extending Talents: The world is virtual; you could use your talent to support staff, children, or processes. Let us know about the skill you want to offer, and we will endeavour to integrate it.
  5. The VOICE (Virtual Orphaned Innate Child Education): Virtually meta-Skills development activities for orphans. It involves the buying of SMART TV and Shared Tablets or iPad.

Make a Difference: Donate to Orphaned and Fostered Kids

Are you looking for a meaningful way to contribute to the well-being and future of orphans? Look no further! The Oluwakemi Orphanage and Foster Foundation provide a loving home and essential support to vulnerable children in Nigeria. By donating, you can directly impact the lives of these children and help create a brighter future for them. In this blog post, we will explore different ways you can donate to the Oluwakemi Orphanage and Foster Foundation and make a positive difference.

Donate via GoFundMe:

One convenient option to donate is through the Oluwakemi Orphanage and Foster Foundation’s GoFundMe page. The provided link,, will take you directly to the donation page. Follow the instructions on the page to contribute the amount you wish to donate. Your generous donation will go towards various projects to improve the orphans’ well-being.

Donate with PayPal:

Another secure and widely used method to donate is through PayPal. Using the PayPal button, you can easily contribute to the Orphaned and Fostered Kids. Click on the button, enter the amount you wish to donate, and follow the prompts to complete the donation process. Your contribution will directly support the initiatives and projects undertaken by the foundation.

Donate directly to the Orphanage Bank Account:

If you prefer a more direct approach, you can donate directly to the Oluwakemi Orphanage and Foster Foundation’s bank account. The account details are as follows:

Bank: UBA (United Bank for Africa) Account Number: 2111700758

When transferring to the orphanage account, it is essential to include the description “Donation for Sam Soyombo Direct2Orphans initiative.” It ensures that your donation is explicitly allocated towards projects that enhance the well-being of the orphans at the orphanage.


Your generous donations can significantly impact the lives of vulnerable children at the Oluwakemi Orphanage and Foster Foundation. Whether you donate via GoFundMe, PayPal, or directly to the orphanage’s bank account, your contribution will improve the well-being, education, and future opportunities of these deserving children. Your support is greatly appreciated; we can make a positive difference in their lives together. Thank you for your generosity!

Direct2Orphans initiatives are profoundly impacting the lives of orphans by bridging the gap between donors and those in need. Through their dedicated efforts, Direct2Orphans ensures that every donation reaches the doorsteps of orphans and the caregivers responsible for them. By vetting orphanages, validating the well-being of each child, and providing additional resources and support, Direct2Orphans is creating a secure and nurturing environment for these vulnerable children.

Direct2Orphans ensures that every orphan under their radar experiences safety, health, active engagement, nurturing, academic achievement, respect, responsibility, and inclusion. Focusing on these well-being indicators, Direct2Orphans advocates for the needs of orphans and collaborates with professionals in the child, health, social work, and education sectors to develop resources and activities that promote holistic growth and development.

Individuals can contribute and positively impact the lives of orphans through various donation options such as monthly contributions for essential needs, empowering a child’s education, or participating in enabling projects. Additionally, Direct2Orphans welcomes excess recycling donations, offering a sustainable way to repurpose clothing, toys, books, and equipment.

As Direct2Orphans continues to expand its network and partner with reputable orphanages, more orphans in Nigeria and beyond will benefit from their initiatives. The commitment to transparency and integrity ensures that donations are utilised directly for the well-being and future of these children.

By supporting Direct2Orphans and encouraging others to get involved, we can collectively make a difference in the lives of orphans. We can create a ripple effect of positive change through financial contributions, sharing the organisation’s mission with our networks, or leveraging our talents to support staff and processes.

Direct2Orphans offers an opportunity to contribute to something extraordinary – the transformation of the lives of orphaned children. Let’s empower these children, restore their hope, and build a brighter future for them. Your support and generosity can make a lasting impact, providing love, safety, and opportunities for these deserving children.

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