Nigeria at 63


O Nigeria, my beloved land,
At 63, where do you stand?
With a rich history and culture so bright,
You’ve weathered storms through the darkest night.

From humble beginnings, you arose,
A nation of dreams, where hope glows.
Your people, resilient and strong,
Have overcome trials all along.

From Afrobeat to Nollywood’s fame,
Your talents and achievements we acclaim.
Your writers, artists, and athletes are so grand,
Have put Nigeria on the world stage at hand.

But challenges remain, we must confess,
Corruption, poverty, and insecurity distress.
Yet, amidst the trials, hope still shines,
A future brighter, where Nigeria defines.

For in the hearts of your people, we see,
A love for their country, deep and free.
With unity and purpose, we shall prevail,
And build a nation where all may excel.

So let us celebrate this Independence Day,
And recommit to building a better way.
For Nigeria, our beloved land,
At 63, we stand hand in hand.

Success stories:

  • Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa and is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.
  • Nigeria is home to some of the most successful businesses in Africa, such as Dangote Group, Globacom, and MTN Nigeria.
  • Nigeria is a major oil and gas producer, and its exports play an important role in the global economy.
  • Nigeria has a vibrant cultural scene with world-renowned artists, musicians, and filmmakers.
  • Nigeria is a major sporting power; its athletes have won numerous medals at the Olympic Games and other international competitions.

Current concerns:

  • Corruption is a major problem in Nigeria, and it undermines the country’s development.
  • Poverty is widespread; millions of Nigerians live on less than $1.90 daily.
  • Insecurity is a major challenge, with Boko Haram insurgency and other terrorist groups active in some parts of the country.
  • Nigeria’s infrastructure needs to be developed, and many Nigerians need access to basic services such as electricity and clean water.

Hope for the future:

  • Nigeria has a young and growing population, which is a source of great potential.
  • Nigeria is rich in natural resources, which can be used to drive economic development.
  • Nigeria is a democracy whose people are committed to building a better future.
  • With unity and purpose, Nigeria can overcome its challenges and build a brighter future for all its citizens.

In conclusion, Nigeria has come a long way since gaining independence 63 years ago. Despite facing significant challenges, the country has achieved remarkable success in various fields, including the economy, sports, and the arts.

However, corruption, poverty, and insecurity remain major concerns that hinder the country’s development. Nevertheless, with its young and growing population, abundant natural resources, and vibrant democracy, there is hope that Nigeria can overcome its challenges and build a brighter future. 

As we celebrate Nigeria’s Independence Day, let us recommit to building a better way and working towards a Nigeria where all citizens can thrive.

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Sam Soyombo

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  1. Wishing Nigeria a joyous Independence Day!

    Despite the multitude of challenges we face, our optimism remains unwavering as we gaze toward the limitless opportunities that the future promises.

    A superbly crafted and well-balanced expression of our sentiments.

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