The Great Wheel of Fortune: A Lesson in Humility and Kindness

1. What is the “Great Wheel of Fortune” metaphor?

2. Why should I be kind to others?

3. What are some key takeaways from the blog?

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Life can be unpredictable, like a coin tossed high in the air. You never know which side will land face-up. This principle sends a powerful message: no one stays on top forever. It’s all a matter of time and season.

History is filled with examples. In 1985, Dasuki held the reins of power, arresting Buhari. Fast forward to 2016, the tables turned – Buhari was in charge, and Dasuki found himself on the other side of the bars. The same goes for Obasanjo and Al Mustapha. The tides of power can shift dramatically, reminding us that our positions, however seemingly secure, are ultimately temporary.

This impermanence is a crucial lesson. The person you might treat poorly today, considering them beneath you, could hold significant sway over your future. A kind word or a helping hand can go a long way, for you never know who might hold the key to your success or even your well-being tomorrow.

What is the “Great Wheel of Fortune” metaphor?

The blog uses the “Great Wheel of Fortune” to represent life’s ups and downs. No one stays on top forever.

Therefore, treat everyone with respect, regardless of their current standing. An act of kindness costs nothing, yet the impact can be profound. Remember, a boss today might become a subordinate tomorrow. Power is fleeting, and true strength lies in humility and compassion.

This principle extends beyond our interactions with people. Like the once-mighty Nokia 3310, now relegated to the realm of forgotten technology, things have a way of losing their shine. The grand house you scoff at now might have been a symbol of prestige in the past, just as the once-proud owner may have commanded respect and admiration. This impermanence underscores the dynamic nature of life – nothing stays the same.

Why should I be kind to others?

Kindness is important because it makes the world a better place.

Embrace the Circle of Life:

  • Humility: Recognising the impermanence of power fosters humility. We are all part of a constantly shifting landscape, and true worth lies not in position but in character.
  • Kindness: Choose kindness over cruelty. Helping others, even in small ways, leaves a positive mark on the world.
  • Fairness: Stand for what is right, just, and fair. These values create a better environment for everyone.

Remember: Inspired by Mugabe’s quote, treat everyone respectfully because you never know when the roles might reverse.

What are some key takeaways from the blog?

Be humble, kind, and fair. Treat everyone with respect because life is constantly changing. Your choices shape your world.

Life is a great wheel of fortune, spinning us through seasons of powerlessness and prominence. Let this knowledge guide you – be kind, fair, and humble. Remember, the only constant in life is change. The choices you make today shape not only your own journey but also the world around you. Choose to make it a better place, one act of kindness at a time.

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