Using E-SHANARRITY Model for Children

Hey, kids, safety is like having a magical shield that protects you. We want you to be safe at home, at school, and everywhere you go.

That means we need to make sure that everything around you is safe - like childproofing your home, ensuring your play areas are secure, and making sure there are no hidden dangers.

But safety isn't just about being safe from bumps and bruises; it's also about feeling safe on the inside. That means having a warm and loving family where you can talk about your feelings and get help when you need it.


Adult's Tips

Let us explore some questions that can help expand your understanding of this element.

The E-SHANARRITY model is a great way for kids to learn how to grow up happy and healthy. By following the tips above, kids can appreciate their own and Every child’s uniqueness: Safely, Healthily, Actively, Nurture, Achievements, Respecfully, Responsibly, and Inclusively, while navigating Transistions and Your emotions.

Now that you know about the E-SHANARRITY model, you can use it to be your best! Remember to nurture your uniqueness, promote safety, develop healthy habits, play, build loving bonds, celebrate success, and be a super kind friend.
You are unique and can do anything you set your mind to!

So, kids, are you excited to keep learning and practising the E-SHANARRITY model? So you can grow up to be the best you can be? We’re here to help you on your amazing journey! 😄🌟🚀 

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