Freelance Online Engagement Agenda

This comprehensive Induction Programme equips new facilitators with the knowledge, tools, and collaborative spirit to excel within the online community. Facilitators will effectively engage with career seekers by fostering a supportive “Team Ladybug” environment, promoting the FOCUS career development framework, and contributing to the platform’s overall success.


Welcome, valued facilitators! We are thrilled to have you join our mission of empowering career seekers in the UK. This Induction Programme serves as your roadmap to becoming a confident and impactful member of the community.

Module 1: Welcome & Laying the Foundation

  • Brief 1: Introduction to
    – Platform overview and functionalities
    – Core values and mission
  • Brief 2: The Power of Community:
    – Team Ladybug philosophy: Collaboration and individual strengths
    – Importance of fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment
    – Unleash Your Earning Potential Unleash Your Earning Potential

Module 2: Mastering the Art of Engagement

  • Brief 3: Embracing the FOCUS Framework:
    – Deep dive into the FOCUS principles (Find Yourself, Opportunities, Communication,
    Use Information to Bridge Gaps, Starting to Get Grounded and Grow)
    – Integrating FOCUS into online interactions with career seekers
  • Brief 4: The Art of the Comment:
    – Strategies for crafting insightful and engaging comments on blog
    – Utilising the commenting system for effective interaction with readers

Module 3: Resources & Ongoing Support

  • Brief 5: Tools for Success:
    – Leveraging resources
    – Utilising Gemini, the AI writing assistant
    – Tracking engagement metrics
  • Brief 6: Building Your Network & Continued Learning:
    – Engaging with the wider career development community (external blogs)
    – Ongoing professional development opportunities
    – Q&A session with Sam Soyombo, the Career Coach


By actively participating in this Induction Programme, you’ll gain the necessary skills and confidence to become a valuable asset to the community. Remember, you are part of Team Ladybug – a collaborative force that empowers individuals on their career journeys. We look forward to your contributions and your journey to becoming a successful facilitator!

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