Commenting Style Guide & Best Practices

Fostering a Thriving Online Community

Welcome, valued Freelance Online Engagement Facilitator! As you embark on your journey with, this comprehensive guide equips you with the knowledge and tools to excel in fostering a vibrant and engaging online community for career development.

Our commenting style guide outlines key principles to ensure our online presence remains professional, informative, and welcoming to all readers. By adhering to these guidelines, you’ll contribute to a space where valuable discussions flourish and readers feel empowered to connect and learn from one another.

Maintaining Professionalism: Setting the Tone

Professionalism is the cornerstone of trust and credibility within the community. Here's how to cultivate a professional tone in your interactions:

Courtesy and Respect

Treat all readers respectfully, regardless of background or opinion. Avoid sarcasm, hostility, or dismissive language.

Positive Language

Focus on solutions and constructive feedback. Instead of saying, "This advice is terrible," rephrase it to "Have you considered this alternative approach...?"


Present information and insights in a neutral and unbiased manner. Avoid personal opinions or beliefs that could alienate readers.

Examples of Unprofessional Language:


"Oh, great. Another article is telling me what to do..."


"You clearly don't know what you're talking about."

Dismissive Language

"This is just common sense."

Avoiding Self-Promotion

While it's important to establish yourself as a knowledgeable facilitator, our focus remains on empowering readers. Here's how to strike the right balance:

Community Focus

Keep comments centred on the needs and interests of the reader, not promoting your own services or websites.

Relevance is Key

If you share external resources, ensure they directly relate to the topic and provide clear value to the reader.

Transparency and Disclosure

If you personally connect to a mentioned resource, disclose this information to avoid any potential bias.

Examples of Self-Promotional Tactics:

Direct Solicitation

"Check out my website for more career coaching tips!"

Unrelated Links

Sharing links to unrelated content or personal social media profiles.

Non-Transparent Disclosure

Sharing a resource you have a vested interest in without disclosing this connection.

Content Formatting for Clarity and Ease of Reading

Grammar and Punctuation

Utilise proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling to ensure clear and concise communication. Gemini, our AI writing assistant, is here to help!


Break up long blocks of text with paragraphs and bullet points for better readability.


Strive for clear and concise communication. Avoid overly complex sentences or jargon.

Sparkling Conversation: Engagement Best Practices

Move beyond basic commenting by employing these strategies to spark engaging discussions:

Ask Thought-Provoking Questions

Don't just summarise the blog post. Encourage readers to delve deeper by posing questions related to the content.

Share Personal Anecdotes (When Relevant)

Weaving in relevant personal experiences can connect with readers on a deeper level and illustrate the practical application of concepts.

Offer Additional Resources

Did you find a helpful article, infographic, or video expanding the topic? Share it with the community to enrich the discussion.

Respond Promptly

Demonstrate your commitment to the conversation by responding to comments in a timely manner.

Integrating the FOCUS Career Information Model: Empowering Readers

The FOCUS Career Information Model serves as the foundation for career development at By weaving these principles into your comments, you can empower readers to make informed career decisions and achieve their aspirations. Here's how to seamlessly integrate FOCUS into your online interactions:

Incorporating these FOCUS elements into your comments will give readers valuable guidance and a deeper understanding of how the FOCUS Career Information Model empowers them to take charge of their career journeys.

Additional Resources and Support

We are committed to your success! Here are additional resources to enhance your skills:


By adhering to these guidelines and embracing the spirit of collaboration, you'll become a valuable asset to the community. Remember, your role extends beyond simply commenting. You are a conversation catalyst, a source of insightful information, and a champion for those navigating their career journeys. Together, we can foster a vibrant online space that empowers individuals to confidently achieve their career aspirations.

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