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In today’s competitive world, having a clear vision of your career path and goals is essential. Sometimes, we may find ourselves in need of guidance and support to navigate through the challenges and make the right decisions. That’s where coaching comes in. Sam Soyombo’s Career Associate offers a range of coaching appointments designed to help individuals at various stages of their career journey. There’s something for everyone. From the initial DIY FOCUS and DREAM Coaching to the transformative Fast track Career Development Coaching and Parenting Coaching sessions, a coaching appointment supports you in all aspects of your life. 

Sam Soyombo and his associate understand the importance of providing valuable information, advice, and guidance to individuals like you who are seeking to navigate their professional journeys. While the coaching appointments mentioned earlier offer personalised sessions and hands-on support, it’s worth noting that their expertise extends beyond those specific interactions.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Sam Soyombo and his associate have created a rich repository of career-related blogs on their website. These blogs cover a wide range of topics, from industry trends and job search strategies to personal branding and professional development. No matter your career-related questions or challenges, you can find relevant and insightful content by exploring their blog section.

How to Access Career-Related Blogs: To access the blogs, simply visit their website and navigate to the blog section. The search feature lets you easily find articles on specific career-related topics that interest you. Each blog post is carefully crafted to provide practical advice, tips, and inspiration to help you succeed in your professional endeavours. As you read through the blogs, you can use the comments section best to engage with the community, ask follow-up questions, and gain further insights from the authors and other readers.

Utilising the Contact Form: In the event that you have a specific career-related inquiry that has yet to be covered in their blog section, don’t worry! Sam Soyombo and his team have provided a contact form on their website for you to contact directly. This form allows you to submit your questions or requests for information, advice, or guidance. Whether it’s a unique career situation, a specific industry query, or any other professional concern, they are committed to providing personalised responses to help you navigate through your challenges.

Personalised and Group Learning Opportunities: While the blog comments section is a great platform for general discussions and community engagement, it’s important to note that the coaching appointments are ideal for more personalised or group learning experiences. These appointments offer focused one-on-one or group sessions with Sam Soyombo or his associates, allowing for a more tailored approach to your specific needs and goals. The coaching appointments provide an opportunity for deeper exploration, customised strategies, and direct interaction with industry experts.

Let’s explore these coaching appointment opportunities and discover how they can empower you to unlock your potential.

DIY FOCUS Coaching

The first step in this empowering journey is DIY FOCUS Coaching. This appointment equips you with the necessary tools to gain clarity and focus on your career aspirations. Through a series of self-guided exercises and assessments, you’ll delve into your strengths, passions, values, and interests. For example, you might reflect on your past achievements, identify your core values, and explore potential career paths that align with your passions. DIY FOCUS Coaching helps you lay a solid foundation by understanding yourself better and discovering what truly drives you in your professional life. You can assess and reflect on your learning points through the DIY FOCUS Reflections Quiz.

DREAM Coaching Appointment

Once you’ve completed DIY FOCUS Coaching, you’re ready for the DREAM Coaching Appointment. During this 15-minute coaching session, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with a skilled Career Associate from Sam Soyombo’s team. They will review your pre-dream coaching assessment, which could include information about your career goals, challenges you’re facing, and any specific areas where you seek guidance.

The Career Associate will provide valuable insights and guidance based on their expertise. For example, they might discuss strategies for advancing in your current role or explore potential career transitions based on your interests and skills. The Dream Coaching Appointment bridges self-reflection and receiving professional input, bringing you closer to realising your dreams.

MAGIC Coaching Appointment

Building upon the Dream Coaching Appointment, the MAGIC Coaching Appointment is a pivotal 30-minute session with Sam Soyombo himself. To qualify for this transformative coaching experience, you must have completed DIY FOCUS Coaching and the Dream Coaching Appointment with a SAS Career Associate. Sam Soyombo brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to the table, helping you unlock your potential, overcome obstacles, and create actionable strategies to achieve success.

This session goes beyond discussing career goals and focuses on implementing a plan of action. For example, Sam might help you develop a step-by-step roadmap to acquire the necessary skills for a career transition or provide guidance on networking strategies to expand your professional connections. Additionally, this session emphasises the importance of having an updated CV, a vital tool for career advancement. Sam can provide valuable feedback and suggestions for optimising your CV to make it stand out to potential employers.

Protege Career Development Coaching Appointment

For those seeking a comprehensive career development experience, the Protege Career Development Coaching Appointment offers a personalised one-hour session with Sam Soyombo. This person-centred coaching approach ensures that your unique needs and aspirations take centre stage. You must have completed the Dream Coaching Appointment and MAGIC Coaching Appointment to qualify for this appointment. As a bonus, there is a 50% discount on the Fast Track Career Development Coaching fee, providing an extra incentive to continue your journey with Sam Soyombo.

During this session, Sam will dive deeper into your career goals, helping you create a detailed action plan and addressing any challenges you may encounter. For example, Sam might assist you in identifying potential mentors in your desired field, offer negotiation strategies for salary discussions, or provide guidance on how to navigate career plateaus. This comprehensive coaching session aims to empower you with the knowledge and techniques needed for sustained career growth and fulfilment.

Click here to book Protege Career Development Coaching now.

Fast Track Career Development Coaching

Fast Track Career Development Coaching is designed to accommodate individuals at any stage of their career journey. This 90-minute coaching session offers information, advice, and guidance specific to your career goals, with no prerequisite to access. Whether you need help with job search strategies, interview preparation, or general career guidance, this appointment is a valuable resource.

During the session, you can discuss any career-related topic of your choice and receive expert insights tailored to your specific needs. For example, you might seek guidance on transitioning into a new industry, receive feedback on your LinkedIn profile, or discuss strategies for work-life balance. Priced at £89 per session, it provides a cost-effective option for professional coaching services, allowing you to address specific concerns or explore broader career development opportunities.

Click here to book Fast Track Career Development Coaching now.

Parenting Coaching

Sam Soyombo recognises the importance of supporting individuals in all aspects of their lives. That’s why Parenting Coaching has been introduced, providing a space for parents or carers to receive guidance and support. These free group coaching sessions, led by Sam Soyombo himself, offer valuable insights and strategies to help navigate the challenges of parenting. Each one-hour session addresses common parenting concerns and provides practical tools to enhance your parenting journey. The Parenting Coaching sessions aim to address various aspects of parenting using the E-SHANARITY models, providing valuable guidance and support.


Sam Soyombo’s Career Associate provides a comprehensive range of coaching appointments, empowering individuals to unlock their potential and achieve their dreams. From the foundational DIY FOCUS and DREAM Coaching to the transformative Fast-track Career Development Coaching, and now including the Parenting Coaching sessions, there is a coaching appointment to support you in all areas of your life. By embarking on this coaching journey, you’ll gain clarity, self-awareness, and actionable strategies to propel you towards success. 

Sam Soyombo and his associate offer coaching appointments and a vast array of career-related blogs that serve as a valuable resource for information, advice, and guidance. Through my website, you can access a treasure trove of knowledge covering various aspects of career development and professional success. By utilising the comments section, you can engage with the community, further explore the topics of interest, and seek additional insights from both the authors and fellow readers.

And if you have a specific career-related question that still needs to be addressed in their blogs, you can always reach out via the contact form for personalised assistance. Remember to make the best use of the comments for general discussions and the coaching appointments for more individualised or group learning experiences. 

Whether you’re seeking career guidance, personal growth, or support in parenting, Sam Soyombo and his team are dedicated to providing you with the tools and insights you need. Embrace the opportunity to work with skilled professionals, tap into your potential, and create a fulfilling and balanced life. The path to realising your dreams starts here – take that first step today!

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