Self-Coaching for Personal Effectiveness

Unleash your potential and achieve your goals through a personalised self-coaching journey.

This program equips you with the tools and strategies to enhance your personal effectiveness in all areas of life.

Here’s what the MAGIC self-coaching program offers:

  • Seven-step framework: Learn the core principles of personal effectiveness through a structured, self-paced approach.
  • Master essential skills: Develop abilities like motivation, assertiveness, goal achievement, initiative, and creative thinking.
  • Discover your unique MAGIC: Explore your strengths, values, and passions to identify what sets you apart and fuels your effectiveness.
  • Craft your personalised action plan: Design a roadmap for continuous growth and development beyond the program.


  • Increased self-awareness: Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your potential.
  • Enhanced goal achievement: Set effective goals and develop strategies to achieve them.
  • Improved communication: Express yourself clearly and confidently.
  • Greater resilience: Develop the ability to navigate challenges and setbacks effectively.
  • Personal transformation: Create positive change in your life and achieve your aspirations.

Who is this program for?

This program is ideal for individuals who are committed to:

  • Taking charge of their personal growth.
  • Developing their skills and abilities.
  • Achieving their full potential.
  • Creating a more fulfilling and successful life.

Ready to embark on your MAGIC journey?

Get started today by exploring the self-coaching materials and exercises outlined in the seven steps:

Step 1: Introduction to Personal Effectiveness

  • Define personal effectiveness and its impact on various aspects of life.
  • Conduct self-reflection exercises to assess your current level of effectiveness.
  • Establish a foundation for your self-coaching journey.

Step 2: Manage the Now – Motivation

  • Understand the concept of motivation and its influence on behavior.
  • Develop strategies to enhance and sustain your motivation levels.
  • Set SMART goals and create action plans to propel yourself forward.
  • Learn to overcome obstacles that hinder motivation. 

Step 3: Manage the Now – Assertiveness

  • Explore the importance of assertiveness for personal effectiveness.
  • Develop effective communication techniques to express yourself clearly and confidently.
  • Learn strategies for handling conflict and setting healthy boundaries.

Step 4: Connect the World – Goal Achievement

  • Clarity of Vision: Define your long-term goals and aspirations through self-reflection and vision-mapping exercises.
  • Action Planning: Develop a roadmap to success by breaking down goals into manageable tasks and setting realistic timelines.
  • Accountability and Progress Tracking: Implement strategies for self-accountability and monitor your progress effectively. Celebrate achievements and make adjustments as needed.

Step 5: Connect the World – Initiative

  • Cultivate a Proactive Mindset: Identify and overcome barriers such as fear, self-doubt, and complacency to adopt a proactive approach in life.
  • Identifying Opportunities: Develop awareness to spot opportunities that align with your goals and values. Explore strategies for leveraging networking, creativity, and problem-solving to seize these opportunities.
  • Taking Calculated Risks: Learn about risk assessment, effective decision-making, and managing fear of failure. Gain tools and techniques to make informed choices and embrace growth opportunities.

Step 6: Create Your Own Change – Innovation

  • Applying Innovation in Practice: Identify areas in your life that can benefit from innovative solutions. Develop strategies for implementing and evaluating your ideas. Embrace innovation as a way of life to drive positive change.
  • Understanding Innovation: Explore innovation as a mindset and approach to problem-solving. Recognise the importance of embracing change, fostering a culture of innovation, and challenging the status quo.
  • Stimulating Creativity: Engage in exercises and techniques to unleash your creative potential, overcome creative blocks, and generate innovative ideas. Utilise methods like brainstorming, mind mapping, and lateral thinking.

Step 7: Create Your Own Change – Your MAGIC

  • Reflection and Integration: Consolidate your learning and insights from the previous steps through self-reflection exercises. Celebrate personal achievements, acknowledge growth, and identify areas for continued development.
  • Developing a Personal Action Plan: Create a personalised roadmap to sustain your self-coaching journey beyond the program. Set realistic goals and define strategies for ongoing growth and development.
  • Discover Your Unique MAGIC: Explore your strengths, values, and passions. Identify your personal MAGIC, the unique combination of qualities contributing to your effectiveness. Leverage your MAGIC to impact your life and the world around you positively.

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