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The MaxME Catalyst Project is a groundbreaking initiative poised to significantly impact career development within Afrograms Abeokuta, operating under the esteemed umbrella of “Afro Abeokuta – The Skool Old Students Platform” (The Skool). This pioneering project, led by the experienced and capable Sam Soyombo, will bring together the dynamic forces of Afrograms Abeokuta School Staff and The Skool Career, Counselling, and Motivation Group. The collaborative efforts aim to provide invaluable support and guidance to students, fostering a robust platform for career exploration and personal development. It’s essential to note that this project is a free pilot initiative, demonstrating a commitment to the educational community and enhancing opportunities for Afrograms Abeokuta students.

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To streamline pupil registration on the MaxME Catalyst Project Platform, we've implemented a two-tier security measure that requires an adult email address.

How it Works

  1. Adult Email Mandatory: The young person must provide a valid adult email address in the form before the system can save any information. This crucial step ensures both adult consent and verification of all MaxME communications.
  2. Enhanced Security and Accountability: This two-tier approach offers multiple benefits:
    • Consent: It verifies that an adult knows and approves the young person’s participation in the MaxME platform.
    • Communication: It safeguards that all emails and notifications from MaxME are directed to and verified by a responsible adult.
    • Accountability: It encourages young people to fulfil their agreed-upon career development tasks, knowing that an adult is involved and supportive.
    • Support: It facilitates open communication between the young person and the adult, enabling guidance and assistance when needed.

Flexibility Upon Graduation:

  • Email Change Option: Upon graduating from school, young people can change their registered email address, demonstrating our commitment to empowering them as they transition to further education or employment.

This two-tier security measure balances safeguarding young people’s online experiences and fostering their independent growth and development within the MaxME platform.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in prioritising the safety and security of our users.

MaxME for Schools and Organisations →

MaxME Schools & Organisations: Supercharge Career Education in Your School!

Elevate your classroom from textbook learning to career exploration! MaxME Schools & Organisations, featured on, seamlessly aligns with the SamSoyombo Career Education Series (CES) principles. Here's how it empowers your students:

1. Comprehensive Career Integration

No more silos! MaxME seamlessly integrates skills, industries, job categories, and personality types into various subjects, fostering a holistic understanding of career options. Every student, every interest: From STEM to humanities, MaxME explores dozens of careers, revealing hidden pathways and igniting passions.

2. Empowered Decision-Making

Beyond job hunting: MaxME helps students discover their strengths, passions, and potential trajectories, equipping them to make informed career choices. Personalised guidance: Educators can utilise MaxME as a platform to empower students with self-awareness and confidence for their future.

3. Real-World Connection

Bridge the gap: MaxME connects academic learning with real-world opportunities, boosting student engagement and motivation. Prepare for the future: Students learn valuable skills and gain insights into job requirements, preparing them to hit the ground running in their careers.

4. Diverse Career Exploration

Unleash possibilities: MaxME showcases a vast array of careers across subjects, expanding student horizons and sparking curiosity. Engagement through relevance: Students see how their studies connect to real-world applications, making learning more meaningful and engaging.

Free Account

£ 0.0 /Month
  • Discover your passion
  • Career Exploration Tools
  • Courses based on your Year
  • Interview Preparation Resources
  • Internship and Job Search Resources


£ 29.99 /Month
  • Discover your passion
  • Career Exploration Tools
  • Courses based on your Year
  • Interview Preparation Resources
  • Internship and Job Search Resources


£ 49.99 /Month
  • Empower your students
  • Student assessment tools
  • Spark Career Exploration
  • Networking opportunities
  • Career Education Series Resources
  • Teaching and Coaching Techniques


£ 69.99 /Month
  • Supporting your Child's Career Exploration
  • Understanding your Child Career Paths
  • College Selection Resources
  • Family Communication Resources
  • Connect with Other Parents

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