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You're Invited to a 60th Birthday Thanksgiving Weekend Retreat.

Join us for a special celebration of a remarkable milestone – a 60th birthday! We'll be hosting an unforgettable weekend filled with cherished moments, heartwarming gatherings, and a spirit of gratitude.


Dates: Wednesday, March 22nd to Sunday, March 27th, 2028

Venue: Sam Soyombo Lakeside Retreat, Okiki Farm Village, Odeda, Ogun State, Nigeria


Wednesday, March 22nd

Tales by Moonlight: Gather under the starry sky for an enchanting session of storytelling, filled with folklore and heartwarming tales.

Thursday, March 23rd

Tour of Okiki Farm Village: Embark on a fascinating journey through Okiki Farm Village, immersing ourselves in the rich traditions and vibrant culture of the community.

Friday, March 24th

Nostalgia Games: Relive the fun and camaraderie of childhood with a series of classic games like Hide and Seek, Suwe, Aayo, Eye Melo, and more.

Saturday, March 25th

Feasting and Launching of the Centre: Indulge in a sumptuous feast while celebrating the grand opening of the Centre, a project dedicated to fostering education and well-being. Enjoy captivating performances by the Oluwakemi Orphanage children.

Sunday, March 26th

Reflections and Thanksgiving Service: Gather for a heartfelt reflection on the past, present, and future, expressing our gratitude for the life and contributions of the honouree.


Please confirm your attendance by leaving a comment below. We look forward to sharing this special occasion with you.

Together, we’ll create a weekend of joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories.


  1. Oh my goodness!
    This is going to be such an amazing moment in life.
    I would absolutely love to be there, God willing.

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