Monthly Compounded Savings

In this Plan

  • You can start as low as ₦5000 – you can bring in any amount as low as ₦5000 and as high as ₦99.999
  • Make variable fixed monthly – you can decide to have a fixed pattern of payment on a monthly basis. Check explanation below
  • Your monthly interest is compounded – your interest that is generated from your capital on a monthly basis would be added back to your capital and will keep yielding more money for you. Check explanation below
  • No withdrawals – you would not be allowed to withdraw until the tenth month of your contract, that way, it will help accumulate your money in a larger sum and give you access to upgrade your plan to the next one (Larva Plan).

Monthly Compounded Savings 5k Sample

Shown above is a breakdown of what you can earn when you start with ₦5000. It shows the cumulative of your monthly capital and it interest up to the tenth month.

Saving to aim for the Next Plan

If you aim to save for the next stage with ₦5000, you would need to renew your contract, start with the cumulative capital of ₦50,000 from the previous contract and then continue with your regular ₦5000 monthly, that way you will be able to access the next stage

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