What is Rainy Day Savers all about?

Rainy Day Savers – RDS

This is a scheme like your monthly contributions for a period to collect after a while such as Ajo, or Esusu. The difference in RDS is that your money is used to trade on forex, and you have a guaranteed 5% monthly return on capital for the duration of your 10-month contracts.

The scheme is run by a group of reliable friends who are experts in Forex trading who work diligently to protect your capital, making your money available whenever you need it and ensuring your 5% profit on saving is guaranteed on your capital every month. You can start as low as ₦5000 monthly, there is no upper limit. You could also just deposit a one-off payment of ₦100,000 (minimum). In either of the options, you are entitled to your 5% profit on your monthly account balance for the contract period of 10 months.

Financial Freedom Framework

Choose the plan of your choice below, All plans are 10 months contract.
You can renew for another 10 months or collect all or part of your trading capital and interest at the end of the contract.​


You could also use the scheme to save towards your rent and use the profit to save towards owning your own home. Alternatively, you could use it to save towards paying school fees, holidays, special celebrations, or events. Here, you are allowed to determine your contract month as far as it’s not less than 10 months. You could choose to get the profit paid to you monthly or added to your capital every month to increase your profit.

At the end of your contract when you must have collected your capital and interest, you can decide to roll over part or all of your capital into a new 10 months contract. You will get a monthly email alert of your profit and capital balance.

This is not network marketing. You do not have to introduce anyone. If however, you are benefiting from the scheme, it will be nice to share your experience with other people and introduce them to the group.   

Contact your friend that sent you this information for more clarification.

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