Proposal for Partnership in Nasarawa State Education Reform and Curriculum Development

To: His Excellency, Governor of Nasarawa State

From: Sam Soyombo, Career Coach and Skills Development Expert

Subject: Proposal for Leveraging Resources to Empower Nasarawa State’s Future Workforce


I am writing to express my keen interest in partnering with your esteemed administration to contribute to the ongoing education reform and curriculum development initiatives in Nasarawa State. My expertise in career coaching and skills development, combined with the extensive resources available on my website,, provides a unique opportunity to empower students and close the skills gap in the state’s workforce.

Addressing Skills Gaps and Building a Future-Ready Workforce:

  • Skills Gap Analysis: I propose utilising my research skills and the vast data on employment trends and in-demand skills available on to analyse the specific skill gaps in Nasarawa State comprehensively. This data-driven approach will inform the development of targeted curriculum adjustments and training programs to equip students with the skills needed for future job market success.
  • Career Development and Entrepreneurship Education: Through, I have already developed age-appropriate modules and resources covering career exploration, CV writing, interview skills, and financial literacy. These resources can be seamlessly integrated into school curriculums to instil a proactive career development mindset in students from an early age. Additionally, I can work with educators to develop entrepreneurship education programs, fostering innovation and self-reliance among Nasarawa’s youth at different education or employment status tiers.

Empowering Educators and Strengthening the Education System:

  • Teacher/Educator Training and Mentorship: Recognising the critical role of teachers, I propose offering online and in-person training programs for educators. These programs will focus on effective career guidance methods, integrating technology into teaching or lecturing, and providing personalised career coaching support to students. Additionally, I can facilitate mentorship programs connecting experienced educators with new teachers, promoting knowledge sharing and continuous professional development.
  • Technical and Vocational Training: I am committed to supporting the development of relevant technical and vocational training programs aligned with local industry needs. Leveraging my existing partnerships with technical institutions and my expertise in curriculum development, I can help tailor these programs to equip students with practical skills and certifications sought by employers in Nasarawa State’s vital economic sectors.
  • Apprenticeship and Internship Programs: I believe in experiential learning and can work with businesses and organisations to create robust apprenticeship and internship programs. It will provide students with valuable on-the-job training and experience, bridging the gap between education and employment and enhancing their employability. A Valuable Resource: is not just a website; it is a dynamic platform with resources tailored to support career development and skills acquisition. The website empowers individuals at every stage of their professional journey, from job search tools and interview tips to career exploration quizzes and university/polytechnic information. This comprehensive resource can be valuable for educators, students, and career seekers throughout Nasarawa State.

Partnership and Action:

By combining my expertise, the resources of, and your commitment to education reform, we can create a positive and lasting impact on Nasarawa State’s future workforce. I am eager to discuss this proposal in detail and explore potential avenues for collaboration. Let us work together to equip Nasarawa’s youth with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in a competitive global landscape.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sam Soyombo

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